Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quelques Drawing Projects of Late

Pt I.
For me there should be a saying, "You can't make something from everything." There are so many things that I have checked off in my head as awesome, and so I try to mix them all together in my work, and then it often turns out feeling a bit like a funfetti cake or something. What started as the Snow Queen (and may yet still be the theme) has been contaminated by too many dreams, cool paintings I have seen in museums, sisters, songs, etcetera. I just do not know how to edit things out and form it into something tangible, so I just keep taping things to my wall.

Pt II.
I was walking across the bridge to the Westminster tube station on a sweaty Saturday, when I decided to look up. Thank goodness, for I beheld and fell instantly in love with this charioted woman. Here is Queen Boudicca (Bo-de-see-a), who finds herself fiercely memorialized in dark marble, at a good 20 foot height above the crowd that is generally always surrounding this touristy area. 

With her two daughters and her manic horses she is forever stuck in the moments before she charges up the path to Parliament to demand the freedom of her Celtic people. She was victorious this time, but she and her daughters were eventually captured and  killed by Roman soldiers in 61 A.D. She had nothing to do with my studio project and yet had been on my mind for a few weeks. I came back to Westminster one afternoon and stared at her for about three hours, and could've easily done it for a few dozen more.