Monday, March 15, 2010

New Painting

Le mannequin s'appelle Sarah et elle est quelqu'un qui a l'air des filles de Waterhouse. La peau blanche, les yeux marrons foncés, et les levres qui sont toujours rouges....Ce sont toutes magnifiques! Bon, ben..

I've learned that I work best when I have many little projects going on at the same time. This is one of them à ce moment. This is in the earlier stages right now ....I am learning slowly but surely how to paint. Every new painting is another long set of mental notes and trial and error. As much as your actions in life make you who you are, so do your thoughts make your painting a failure or success. If you are overeager, the painting never lies. That's what I'm learning at least. Pour moi, I think the issues lie in prioritization. I find that I am either sacrificing proportions or appearance and this is the closest I've come between le deux, je pense. J'espère.

Sorry for the Frenglish. I've been watching foreign films on netflix like nobody's business.

This is my fave of late, a careful and thoughtful one:

I realize that both these images are somewhat similar in their subject matter. This was coincidental, I'm pretty sure.

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  1. REALLY great mark-making around that face. I like the rough-to-rendered contrast. It's a wonderful piece.