Wednesday, July 28, 2010

red-tailed hawk

I saw a red tailed hawk today in flight down at Phinizy Swamp. Phinizy Swamp is now my favorite place in Augusta. It just beat the Savannah River Walk. My sister joined a bird watching club there, so I spent a few hours there waiting for her this morning, walking through the swampy landscapes (which can get quite incredible). I saw a couple of different birds of prey and a large blue heron while I was there.

This is an 8"x10" watercolor and ink painting. This will be on my etsy shop shortly and also on display at the bean baskette café at the library.


  1. Beautiful. Love all the different colors and patterns you added. He looks rather magical.

  2. Thrillingly colorful. Also, way to brand!

  3. I cant believe how awesome this is, Maddy your getting more and more amazing with your art I totally admire it.