Sunday, December 12, 2010


Drew and Maya in Sinking Springs

I need a new moleskin. I'm filling in margins now.

There's something I love about Pennsylvania. It's so close to Maryland, my childhood, and my home, but  it's a little off center, and even a bit mysterious.

I've wanted to be there a few times this semester.


  1. I love your art nine times, Madeline. Great sketch!

  2. Hi Madeline:D!

    (heh, I am Madeline too, but in Polish it's Magdalena.)
    In first - sorry for my English;). I'am still learning, and if you saw a mistake, please say me about it:D

    I like your drawings. Yeah, I am realy amazed!
    I think the girl on right is prettiest, but it's only my opinion:D.

    Big hugs and kisses:)

  3. This has a moody, kind of Henry Darger feel to it that I really dig.